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A Brief History

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I started the Acme Rocket Company in 1993 to explore technology that was not part of my daily grind. I wanted a chance to expand beyond the boundaries of C and X11. In 1993, the WWW and HTML were just beginning to get some attention and I liked what I saw. I had started out in hypertext development and had been enchanted by Ted Nelson's original vision of Xanadu. HTML and HTTP looked promising and it didn't cost anything to play.

The first jobs I took as Acme Rocket Company were putting together web pages for people trying to rent out their houses during the Olympics. I did a number of static web sites for different companies (see my list of clients for details). Then I started getting into more dynamic content, using a lot of Perl CGI. Then I became involved with SimulCh@t. Then the web really took off and people started talking about web applications. This gave me a good opportunity to move into web development full time and apply my software engineering and architecture skills.

The Web has really exploded over these past few years. Now we have Java, dynamic HTML, thin clients, fat connections, intranets and extranets, CORBA and distributed applications. Everybody wants to be involved, either as a consumer or a producer of web technology. There has been such an infatuation with the technology itself that some have lost sight of a few basic principles:

  • Create something useful.
  • Build something usable.
  • Make sure the client and customers are happy.

These are principles that I, and Acme Rocket Company, try to uphold. I want to build something that has value, that serves a purpose, that is easy to use and doesn't take all day to load.

If you would like more details about myself and Acme Rocket Company, please take a look at my resume, the projects I have worked on and the clients I have worked with.

Contacting Acme Rocket

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The best way to get in touch with me is, of course, email. But there are many way to get my attention:














u. s. mail:

Web Site Credits

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Paul Philion put together the pages, programmed the JavaScript, wrote the words and slaved for endless hours to provide this humble web site.

None of this could have been possible, however, without the fantastic graphics and first rate design skills ofLee Downing fromTurbo Design. She went that extra mile to make this "nerdy web site" fun. Thanks, Lee!

As for tools and utilities: Pages were put together withClaris Home Page and tweaked with BBEdit. Graphics were created in FreeHand and webified in Photoshop. Music was provided by Gene Harris, Eric Clapton, Louis Armstrong, John Lee Hooker, Howlin' Wolf and Miles Davis.

And everyone out there that I haven't mentioned (which is pretty much everyone), thanks to you too.

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