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As Acme Rocket, I have worked with a number of different companies, on a variety of projects.


Leverage Technoligists

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I helped LevTech architect and develop their distributed pattern matching system. Most of the work was done in Perl5 (which is much more portable than C) to allow it to run concurrently on many different platforms. I can't say much more about it, as it is their secret weapon and I signed an NDA.


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I helped in the original architecture and user interface of the ShoppingLink shopping list and developed the software to generate food Nutrition Info labels from database entries.

Porex Surgical

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I did the original web architecture for their site, working closely with their marketing department. I also implemented their original site.


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When SimulCh@t was started, I was the technical director. I wrote the original software to generate web pages from chats that were occurring live on America Online. Our first live trial was during the announcement of the break up of the Greatful Dead. Unfortunately, AOL didn't really like what we were trying to do.

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