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Online Agent

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The Online Agent is a web-based application that allows BellSouth sales representatives to access a customer's account and modify the phone services on that account.

It is based on a multi-tier CORBA architecture (using Orbix and OrbixWeb), using Java and C++ CORBA servers to access BellSouth legacy databases. An abstract ordering architecture was developed to support multiple, diverse ordering applications. The Consumer Ordering application is based on the same architecture.

The user interface is presented using generated HTML pages. WebObjects is used to generate the pages and handle session state information. As WebObjects is implemented in ObjectiveC, a custom IDL-ObjectiveC binding had to be implemented.


Consumer Ordering

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The Consumer Ordering application is a web-based ordering tools for BellSouth consumer services. It uses the same ordering architecture as the Online Agent.


Solution Advisor

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The SimulCh@t engine was designed to parse the on-line celebrity chats on America Online. The text from the chat was converted into web pages that could then be served to anyone on the web. The software was written in Perl5.

When SimulCh@t was started, I was the technical director. I wrote the original software to generate web pages from chats that were occurring live on America Online. Our first live trial was during the announcement of the break up of the Greatful Dead. Unfortunately, AOL didn't really like what we were trying to do.


Circuit Provisioning Manager

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InTouch 2

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Orange Book

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The Trusted Computer Security Evaluation Criteria, or "Orange Book," is a detailed set of criteria for evaluating the security level of a computer system. "The Orange Book in HyperCard" was as hypertext version of the Orange Book designed to assist an evaluator by cross-referencing similar criteria, indexes and glossary entries.

The "Orange Book in HyperCard" was developed in HyperCard, on the Macintosh, in 1988. The text from the printed version was parsed and broken into individual pages. Each page was cross-referenced automatically to related pages and chapters. A table of contents and glossary was generated.

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